Book News: Game, Set, Match, Republish! a.k.a. Indefatigable and Incorruptible Second Editions Soon!

As you may have caught, I recently finished the full re-edit of Indomitable, the first book of The Push Chronicles.  Not one to rest on my laurels, I felt that the rest of the series should get the polish only my past year’s experience as an editor, aided by outside eyes, could give them.  I’ve just finished up the last pass on Incorruptible, so all that is left is some formatting work to do.

To sum it up, I’ll be putting out the second editions of Indefatigable and Incorruptible sometime tomorrow.  I’ll make the proper announcements as they go live.  Having everything properly finished also paves the way for The Push Chronicles to move into the second cycle of stories I have planned.

As these editions will be updates as opposed to re-releases, any of you that have already purchased e-book editions of the series should be able to update them directly.  For new readers, it will ensure the best possible experience they can have.

Keep tuned for the official releases tomorrow and thank you for the support!

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