Writing Is A Bad Habit In The World Of … : ‘Strong’ Protagonists! It’s More Than Coolness, Yo!

So demands for planing for Mobicon, work for editing clients, and other shenanigans, I regretfully inform you that I won’t have a Starving Review served up today.

However, I present as a substitute some extended thoughts on the ‘strong’ protagonist, male or female, and how to create and think about your creations, alongside examples culled from my own writing.  An extension of this Wednesday’s Writing Is A Bad Habit, the audio log takes things deeper than before.

If you enjoy this, please let me know so I can plan to do more of these podcast-style articles in the future!

One comment

  1. It sounds as if what you’re talking about here is the common pitfall of stereotyping characters. The superhero has become a trope precisely because too many writers think that by their focusing on a character’s superpowers, they’re breaking the mold of ethnic, racial or sexual stereotyping. These writers are deceiving themselves, because whenever a character is created who exhibits a rigidly defined set of attributes that are considered to be essential qualities, that’s stereotyping. The same thing has happened to the “strong female” character, because so many writers have misunderstood what true strength is: a “strong character” (of whatever sex or other biological attribute) is one who has “strength of character.”

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