Monday Musings: Stop, Read, Listen, Understand! a.k.a. Rules Are There To Be Read!

Someone listened!  They really did!

A few months back, I posted up a podcast talking about the ways one could worm their way into my review submission pantry, despite the locked doors.  Since then, I’ve gotten a number of submissions from a variety of folks, but one thing was clear …

None of them had read my submission page or listened to the podcast.

So I read and promptly ignore such requests.  That might sound mean, like maybe I should send a response explaining why I am not taking the request, but consider it from my point of view.  I set out a list of ways that one might be considered for submission, alongside the caveat that I am, ultimately, closed for submissions right now.  If you send in a submission anyway without actually trying to follow anything said in my podcast or on the page, you show a lack of both comprehension and respect.  Why should I take more time to explain something you obviously didn’t read or listen to in the first place?

However, last night, I received a light of hope, a signal that there are still people who can listen out there.  A humble submission that showed in every way that someone not only listened, but respected my own requests enough to follow them.  So they got in, slipped under the pantry door so to speak.

I will only say one more thing about it: This should be proof positive that I wasn’t just blowing smoke for my own gratification.  Take this as proof positive that you can get your book through the guarded gates, if you only take the time to stop, read, listen, and understand!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!


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