Novel Review: Indomitable by J. B. Garner

Here’s another great review of Indomitable, the first book of The Push Chronicles! If you haven’t read it yet yourself, you should!


Indomitable (The Push Chronicles #1)Indomitable by J.B. Garner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The strength of a superhero origin story, aside from the storytelling itself, is in the inner struggle of the individual common person thrust into uncommon circumstances. Suddenly problems and solutions are larger than life and the ramifications of actions are likewise amplified. Throw in a sense of fun and irony and one gets the winning combination that is Indomitable.

Though centered on Atlanta area professor, Dr. Irene Roman, this tale is more than one person’s origin story, it’s a world-wide origin story as an apocalyptic event creates superheroes and supervillains everywhere, all at once. Cleverly filtered through the lens of comic books come-to-life, skeptical Irene seems to be the rare person who sees through the new reality superimposed over the old. Disconcerting as it is for her, her narration breaks the fourth wall of the comics world consistently and…

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