Weekend Musings: The Hype is Real and it’s Marvelous! a.k.a. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Captain Marvel

So that happened today.

And while I know my focus is usually purely writing, you probably have all gleaned that I enjoy video games AND I’m a big fan of Marvel comics. So this is obviously super hype for me and not simply because this is a return to a storied video game franchise that spans decades.

It also featured prominently my favorite superhero, Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers, a character I have followed through ups and downs, highs and lows. Now only am I psyched to finally play my favorite hero in a fighting game, I am also smiling at seeing her placed not only in the reveal trailer, but in the big hero spot, facing off against the perennial face of Capcom, Ryu.

Putting great characters front and center is great. Putting forward great characters that help increase representation is even better.

But to paint the proper, fun-loving fanboy tone: ‘IT’S CAPTAIN MARVEL! HOLY CRAP! THE DREAM LIVES ON! SQUEEEEE!’

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