Book News: Rune Service Is Now Available!

Finally, FINALLY, it’s here! Rune Service, the light-hearted urban fantasy and my … what? … 11th book?! is now available on Amazon as an e-book, with physical copies to be available soon! Check out the blurb and cover below!


A prince in danger, an epic quest, and a cup of coffee, all at your local Easy-E-Mart!

Follow the misadventures of four-foot tall convenience store clerk Mary Stone and her luxurious beard as she finds out that life is even stranger than it already was when a literal Elf stumbles into the Easy-E-Mart after midnight. Within an hour, Mary finds out that magic is real, dragons are real, and she is a Dwarf instead of a short, bearded lady. Oh, also that her new friend is on the run from thugs, a wererabbit bounty hunter, and a reptilian businessman.

It might have been safe if she’d just stayed in the store that night!

One comment

  1. I just found your blog. I was drawn in by the name – Musings of a Starving Author. I like your book cover too. Is that a female dwarf? Very cool.

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