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Kickstarter News: A Star-Reckoner’s Lot … a Kickstarter to look at!

I made my second start at writing thanks to Kickstarter.  It gave me the funds to move forward, to get my books written, and pushed me forward to be seen and picked up by my publisher.  So when I was approached the other day by another author looking to do the same, I took the time to read through his writing to see if I should help.

Darrell Drake’s been doing some mighty fine cooking.  I’ve read the first few chapters of his current draft and I want to read it all.  I’m going to hold off … but that’s only because I want to save it for the final, clean, fully revised book.  I’ve put some of my very few munnies down on the barrel for this project and I suggest you take a look at it yourself.

Here’s the link:

Kickstarter News: It’s over and we won!

Though it was fully funded on day 1, so this isn’t a super huge shock.  It’s still pretty awesome to have pulled it off and it will ensure that the writing will go on and gain more traction!

Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, and spread the word about the Kickstarter!  Every bit helped!

Now, it’s time to plan!

One day to go: Kickstarter Take 2 ends in 24ish hours!

The title says it all!

The good part is that we have already met and exceeded our initial goal.  Hurray!

The bad part is that we are just INCHES from a $750 stretch goal.  $15 US from not only funding more work, but netting all the contributors free posters with the book art and two special works done exclusively for the Kickstarter.

So, if you want to contribute, now is the time!  If you can’t contribute, share!

You can check out the project by clicking the My Kickstarter tab at the top of this blog or by clicking HERE.

Kickstarter TAKE 2: Now with a Video and Life-like Expectations ™!

So it’s on now.  I’ve revamped the project with up-to-date art and info, as well as a project video.

Also, I lowered the goal to under what we raised last time so ….

Let’s do it!

Close but …

… no cigar.  The Kickstarter has just ended and we came up short.  I’ll be honest, though, I am impressed that we did raise over $750 US … not bad for a starving author who has only just been published.

There’s hope for the future, though.  And as many of you know, we authors are nothing if not resilient.  Picking myself back up and getting back on the bike, here are the plans for the future:

Kickstarter Update: You are probably sick of it but … 24 hours to go!

I’ll be frank.

I’m sure you don’t read this blog to hear me beg and plead for Kickstarter donations.  You want to read about writing, politics, or my novels, right?  So, with that said, I apologize ahead of time for this, but …

OMFG!  24 hours to go!  Not there yet!  *runs in circles, pinwheeling arms, until collapsing in a twitching heap*

If you had ever considered donating, even a little, but were procrastinating, now is the time to stop that and chip in.  We aren’t to the last minute yet but …. that isn’t far off.

Four and a half days to go … the Kickstarter countdown continues!

There’s little to say other than that.  Four and a half days on the clock and only $285 US from the goal posts.

A mass of small donations from a large number of people can make all the difference so take a look.  Consider.  Support if you can, spread the word if you can’t.

Thank you.

One Week to Go: OMG! The Kickstarter is almost over?!


Really, I can’t add much to this beyond the title.  My writing analysis brain node was driven off-line when I noticed there’s a week left on my Kickstarter and only $285 US left to fill on it.  If you think about it, that’s pretty possible to have happen and, to be bluntly honest, better than I thought I’d do.

Let’s face it: I am pretty horrible at self-promotion.  I have a bad tendency to do things out of order.  You know, arrange for book reviews and author interviews AFTER the Kickstarter has begun, instead of building interest THEN doing it.  Crap like that.

So, yes, pleased as punch to be doing this well.  Will it be enough?  Fingers are crossed here.

The downside for you, my faithful readers, is that there will be a plug for the Kickstarter every day until it’s done.  Sorry, no excuses.  However, there will be some other better posts in the midst of my anxiety attacks.  I hope to announce the second edition of The Opening Bell going live very soon.  More art previews to come from Felipe.  Also, I expect to be tackling more writing thoughts and analysis tomorrow.

Stay tuned, keep the home fires burning, and pray for the best!

Oh, yes!  Shameless plug to follow:

Kickstarter Update: Over Half Way!

The first thing Kickstarter and just about every source of information on crowdfunding tells you is to contact all of your friends and family first.  Not only will they be more receptive to passing news of what you are trying to their own friends, they are also the people most likely to be impressed by what you are trying to accomplish and contribute.  This being true, I’m not sure the crowdfunding gurus would expect something quite like this.

Overnight, I went from .1% funded to over 50% funded, all thanks to my family.  Sure, you do expect your family to support your actions and your dreams, but I never intended to ask them for money.  If I were going to do that, I would have just, you know, asked.  Apparently, seeing that I had a real plan to fulfill my dreams, they were impressed enough to chip in on their own volition.

Still, there’s a ways to go.  $490 to be exact.  If you want to chip in or just see what I’m trying to get accomplished, click the ‘My Kickstarter’ page tab at the top of the blog or click here.

The Kickstarter! It has begun!

Here it is, the link to the Kickstarter!

Yes, it’s true.  I have taken the crowdsourcing plunge in an effort to make self-publishing work, spread the word about my books, and to bring both trilogies to a triumphant close.

I mean, sure, on the surface, it looks like publishing an e-book is simple.  You don’t have to *technically* pay for editors, artwork, or publishing fees.  You just feed your self-edited and self-formatted manuscript in along with some Photoshop art and BAM!  Instant gratification.

The truth that any serious writer knows is that it is far from easy and it is far from free.  E-books especially, but all books really, live or die on their cover art to catch people into shelling out the money in the first place.  A writer is his/her own worst editor … the human mind is easy to cover gaps or unscramble typos when that mind knows what the intention is.  Other than some moments of front page coverage on the various e-book sites as you come into stock, they themselves do little to no advertising for you.  From genesis to publication, it all rests on the author’s shoulders.

What that means is that, while indie publication has certainly come a long way in accessibility and cost than it has in the past, it’s still a difficult, risky, and, at times, pricey proposition.  Hence, Kickstarter.

I would ask all of you that follow this blog to check it out.  If you have the ability to do so and like my work, please contribute what you can.  If you like my work but can’t afford to contribute, please spread the word to those who might.

Thank you!