Weekend Update

Weekend Update: To Georgia! a.k.a. A Week with Family

Hello, foodies!

Just to let you know, I’ll be spending most of the coming week in Georgia with my sister’s family and my mother.  Good old family bonding … which is really make-up, as I couldn’t go there for Christmas.

The usual blog updates will still happen though!  I can only promise one review this week, alas, as I will be spending time with the family.

Have a great week, folks, and we’ll be back into full production next week!

Weekend Update: It Finally Happened

If you’ve read my Starving Review guidelines, you may have noticed that there isn’t a huge chance for any book to get a 1-star rating, as that requires that me, a voracious eater of all things literary, becomes incapable of finish your book.  If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a time or simply search the categories, you’ll know this has yet to happen and I’ve had to choke down some rough meals so far to get to this point.

However, the improbable has finally happened.  Was it simply reading fatigue, too many questionable meals in a row?  No, I don’t think so, especially after having read two wonderful (if depressing) books in a row.  Was it some other outside circumstance?  Again, I doubt it as I am, in all other realms of my life, exceedingly happy.

All I will say is that there will be a fresh Starving Review tomorrow and hopefully we’ll discover why this one was the book I couldn’t finish together.

Until the morrow, good luck and good writing!

Weekend Update: Just a quick one!

Some quick updates for the weekend!

  • I’m just about at the halfway point of writing for Incorruptible.  It’s been a wild ride and I hope I finish out this first trilogy in a way everyone will enjoy.
  • Felipe informs me that the first Kickstarter reward poster will be done very soon.  I’ll be fulfilling those rewards and then, after a little bit of time, I’ll start having those posters available for purchase.
  • I have been busy this weekend, but there will be a Starving Review next week.
  • Lastly, I’ll be out of town the week after next, from the 26th to the 31st.  New articles will be sparse, but I should get a few in.  I’ll be spending most of that time, though, spending time with my mother and sister who I haven’t seen in, oh, 18?  20? years.

Weekend Update: Second editions done, incoming sequels, and OMG! Kickstarter deadline!

This week has been a good one, for the most part.

My dog is doing well now and I have gotten both the second editions of Indomitable and The Opening Bell published!  Both excellent things and only the first steps to a lot more nice things coming down the aisle.  Now it’s on towards publishing some sequels, which should come by the end of the month.

In addition, I’ve gotten some nice reviews this week so the support and validation make for a happy writer.

The last big knot of anxiety is my Kickstarter.  If it doesn’t succeed, well, it will be a blow to the self-esteem, but not the end of the world.  The books will publish and I will undoubtedly open a second Kickstarter with a lower goal, more in line with what I have proven I can raise.  Still, if you read this and want to support it, there’s only 68 some hours left to do so.  We are so close to the goal, it’s still not out of sight!

Hope your week and weekend are going as well!

Weekend Update: My sick dog and a new cover sneak peek

Time for the Weekend Update!

On the personal front, today has been pretty much a day of anxious gut-wrench.  My nine-year companion, Shelley the border collie, had breathing problems and wouldn’t eat.  I saw something nasty stuck in her throat so it was off to the vet.  There was a golf-ball size mass of tissue in the back to of Shelley’s mouth, so it was time to immediately operate.  After a few hours of going crazy, I got the good news that she came through with no problems.  The only lingering issue is the source of the mass:  Was it a piece of that chicken bone she ate and that cut her mouth a couple of weeks ago grown over?  Or was it cancer?  All we can really do now is watch and wait to see if there is any regrowth, but for now, crisis averted.

On the professional front:


Here’s the first cover sketch from my good friend Felipe de Barros for the second edition of The Opening Bell!  Pulling inspiration from the old regional wrestling posters in the U.S., it’s looking to be another fantastic piece of art.  Expect the finished cover and the release of the second edition sometime this week!

Weekend Update: The cover to Indomitable 2nd edition!

Indomitable 2nd edition (cover)

Here it is!  From the talented hand of Felipe de Barros, here’s the cover for the second edition of Indomitable, releasing late this week on Smashwords, Amazon, and a ton of other e-book sites.  Next up will be the second edition of The Opening Bell, followed by the next book in both series.  All titles should be out by the end of September, then it’s on to the finales for both series!

Quick Weekend Update: Release schedules and perhaps a Kickstarter

Quick notes, as I’m trying to nurse a headache and spend time with the family.

First: I won’t be hitting my preferred end-of-August release for Indefatigable and The Tale of the Tape, but for a good reason.  My work with new cover artist Felipe Barros (check his portfolio out) is involved enough that the project to for all four new covers is going to run into September.   Sure, I would love to get the books out sooner but, at the same time, the quality will be so much better.  Good things are worth the effort, right?  I’m contemplating, though, updating the first books to their second edition content before the covers are ready, just as a service to those who have already bought the books.

Second: I’ve been working the past week on a Kickstarter, both for additional funds to finish out the two series and to fund advertising, convention fees, and an amount of physical publishing.  I still need to do a bit of work, mainly finishing financial stuff and doing a project video, but this could happen within the week.   You’ll hear about it here first when it happens.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support, and enjoy your weekend!