My Kickstarter

Starting on August 18, 2014, I, in an effort to try to raise money to improve the quality of my published books, extend my promotional reach, and produce physical works for conventions and local bookstores, threw my hat into the Kickstarter ring.  Now, you might think it’s crazy when a blogger with not quite 50 followers tries to drum up support.  I argue that if you don’t try, you can’t succeed.  After all, you never know when you may be holding viral dynamite.


So, you’ll no doubt be hearing about this crazy journey for the next month on the main blog.  This page is to act as a main reminder to casual readers that there is a Kickstarer and to house comments and support for others about that.  Feel free to comment, input, anything about the Kickstarer here … unless it’s better to do it on my Kickstarter page.  You decide!


UPDATE!  The first Kickstarter … failed.  But it came close.  Close enough that tomorrow, September 18th, I plan to start Take 2!  It will be updated here once it commences.

UPDATE UPDATE!  The Take 2 Kickstarter concluded successfully early in October!  I’m leaving this page live to house future Kickstarters, if they happen.


Here’s the link to the new Take 2 Kickstarter:


  1. One week to go on the Take 2 Kickstarter! We’re at our goal, but I’ve set a $750 mark for a stretch goal and additional rewards. Check out the Kickstarter site for more details!

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