My Patreon

As you may notice prominently displayed on the sidebar, I have now entered the crazy world of Patreon!  What this means is that you can go there, pledge a monthly amount, and support now only my writing, but my reviews and blogging activity.

The fact is that providing reviews, advice, writing tips, and new books doesn’t really pay for itself.  I won’t bore you with the math, but the sheer volume of books I would have to sell on a monthly basis to support any of this is mind-boggling and it’s actually worse if those books are sold through a major outlet.  I make less than $.50 USD for every physical book Barnes & Nobles sells, for example!

I can continue doing what I do, even do more of it, with just a few hundred people pledging a dollar a month!  But the trick is that you can actually GET STUFF for only pledging a small fee!

To find out more and to pledge, just hit the Patreon button in the side bar or this link right here.  Thank you for reading and, hopefully, for your support!


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