Starving Review: AlterWorld (Play to Live Book 1) by D. Rus


AlterWorld (Play to Live Book 1) by D. Rus (Amazon, Goodreads)

The world of literary cuisine is constantly shifting, flowing, and adapting with new sub-genres popping up all the time. One of the newest in the science-fiction and fantasy recipe book is being called the LitRPG. Concerned with merging concepts of virtual reality, video game role-playing games, and other sci-fi concepts, it is a cuisine I’ve heard of and sampled in its ur-examples, such as Sword Art Online and Ready Player One, I have yet to take a bite out of the vast array of other meals that have spawned in their wake. Today, we’ll find out exactly how well one of the most prominent of those meals, AlterWorld by Russian chef D. Rus, matches up to those previous meals.

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