Book and General News: Candles burned at both ends and OMFG FAN ART

First, my deep and sincere apologies to those of you awaiting more Starving Reviews and other writing articles.  I’ve literally been burning my candle at both ends, writing books, editing books, reading books, writing articles, while still taking care of other personal and business responsibilities.  With the finish of my last book to write (The Twelfth Labor)and my last major revision left to do (Indomitable), I have suffered from a complete and overwhelming attack of exhaustion.  Maybe even a touch of exhaustion-based sickness.  I’m resting up so that, hopefully, things can return to normal levels of insanity around here by the end of the week.

Secondly, I was approached by a fan of Three Seconds to Legend for permission to do some fan art, to which I said, “HELL YES YOU CAN!”.  So you can check out one of the very first pieces of fan art I’ve seen for my books here at deviantArt.  This same artist also is doing work on a sci-fi mixed with pro wrestling comic book series, which I would be remiss to not shout out to, which you can see the blog for here.

General News: Late, late, so very late!

There’s nothing to be said for it, friends, I’m just very late.

Yes, there are obviously circumstances, reasonable ones, involving finishing editing and rewrite work not only for The Twelfth Labor (second revision done!) but the next edition of Indomitable (dear God, your first book is always be far your worst).  Still, circumstances do not excuse a lack of content.  You don’t read this blog to hear my latest excuse why I haven’t posted a writing article or review, right?

Well, expect a remedy for this in the next day or two.  A light is at the end of the tunnel.  Just pray it isn’t an oncoming train!

Until then, good luck, good reading, and good writing!