Monday Musings: Talking About Me a.k.a. The Facts About J. B. Garner

I’ve often been described as an out-going person, yet I am also an intensely private person.  It’s the reason, I think, that I don’t really review as ‘myself’, instead creating the somewhat comedic format of ‘literary cuisine’ and all of that.  It’s that little privacy fence I erected, to fulfill that side of me that just wants to hermit in his room and write stories.



Starving Interview: Andrea L. Radeck, Author and Artist of Caelum Sky Illustrated

Happy Friday, my friends!  You know that means it’s time to get back to the Starving Review kitchen, but before we serve up the main course, I had the delight of having a sit-down with the chef behind today’s meal, Caelum Sky IllustratedAndrea L. Radeck!


Starving Interview: Don Westenhaver, Author of Alexander’s Lighthouse

It’s been a while since we had a chef visit our kitchen, but I’m proud to have Don Westenhaver, the mind behind the latest Starving Review book, Alexander’s Lighthouse, here to answer our usual, intense battery of questions!  Let’s see what he has to say.


Starving Interview: Steven M. Moore, Author of The Collector

It’s Friday, my foodies, which means it’s time to bring a new chef into our kitchen!  Welcome Steven M. Moore, author of The Collector, part of the Detectives Chen and Castilblanco series!  A veteran chef, let’s see what insights he can provide for us!


Starving Interview: Norbert Monfort, Author of The Last Gathering

It’s another beautiful Friday, which means it’s time to pull a fresh book out of the pantry for review.  It also means we introduce a new chef into the kitchen as we eat their meal.  This week, we talk to Norbert Monfort, the cook behind The Last Gathering!


Starving Interview: Robert D. Spake, Author of Fraudulent

Good morning, my fellow literary diners!  As always, Fridays presents us a double course of delights, starting with a sit-down in the kitchen with the chef of today’s Starving Review, Fraudulent, Robert D. Spake!  Let’s dive right in!