General News: A Birthday Update

Just a real quick one here, as it is my 40th birthday and there are things that require my now-mature attention:

  • The Twelfth Labor is now available in paperback, either through Amazon or through CreateSpace.
  • As I got two Starving Reviews out early in the week, this Friday’s content will be a fresh Writing Is A Bad Habit, with reviews back next Friday.
  • My big solo-authored sale is still on for another day. Get all my solo-written e-books from Amazon for only $.99 USD a piece!

Now I’m going back to enjoying my birthday! See you all again on tomorrow!

General News: My Birthday a.k.a. An Excuse to be Lazy Today

The title says it all.  Well, mostly all.

Today is the day of my birth so, taking advantage of the Birthday Rights Proviso of 1992, I am going to do my level best to get as little accomplished today as humanly possible.

What that will likely actually mean is I’ll do all of my usual writing work and just feel like I should have taken the day off.  As a tangent to that, expect a Starving Review in a day or two.  Now that I’m over my weekend bout of illness, my current read is flying by.

Not much else to say except happy birthday me!  Good luck and good writing!