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Book/General/Convention News: The Big Update!

Okay, time to pull away some curtains to reveal what all has been taking up so much of my time. INITIATE THE BULLET POINTS!

  • New print editions of The Push Chronicles, all three books, are coming out soon in the more popular 5 x 8 inch format, graced with brand-new spine and back cover design by Reyn Ruch, the cover artist of The Songstress Murders, to make the new editions much nicer to have sitting on your shelf!
  • Speaking of The Songstress Murders, you can read a fresh review HERE. Also, Reyn did an updated cover design and art for Inspector Redmane’s first adventure, so check it out as well!
  • You may have noticed that I have once again become a fully independent author, with The Opening Bell back under my full control and republished on Amazon. The price is back to something reasonable ($2.99 USD as opposed to 6.99) and you Kindle Unlimited folks can now read it for free! The new print edition will be available soon, with the original Felipe de Barros cover art and extra cover design for the print edition by Reyn Ruch as well.
  • As the series is back in my hands, let me announce that The Tale of the Tape, fully revised with extended material, will be available for pre-order soon. The release proper will be in early August. I will announce the precise date within the week!
  • In addition to Kansas City Comic Con in early August, I am proud to announce that I will also be appearing at the Pensacola Comic Convention in late August at the Game Space table. I’ll not only be there with my books and witty conversation, but assisting in gaming demos and the like.
  • Also, I’ll be making an appearance at Necronomicon 2016 in Tampa, Florida, right before Halloween! It should be an incredible experience!
  • Finally, expect one more big announcement soon about the Sekrit Writin Projikt very soon!  All I will say now is that 1 done, 2 to go!

I’ll be posting details of the new print edition covers over the week and more, so stay tuned!  Maybe even a book review!

Until then, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

The Kickstarter! It has begun!

Here it is, the link to the Kickstarter!

Yes, it’s true.  I have taken the crowdsourcing plunge in an effort to make self-publishing work, spread the word about my books, and to bring both trilogies to a triumphant close.

I mean, sure, on the surface, it looks like publishing an e-book is simple.  You don’t have to *technically* pay for editors, artwork, or publishing fees.  You just feed your self-edited and self-formatted manuscript in along with some Photoshop art and BAM!  Instant gratification.

The truth that any serious writer knows is that it is far from easy and it is far from free.  E-books especially, but all books really, live or die on their cover art to catch people into shelling out the money in the first place.  A writer is his/her own worst editor … the human mind is easy to cover gaps or unscramble typos when that mind knows what the intention is.  Other than some moments of front page coverage on the various e-book sites as you come into stock, they themselves do little to no advertising for you.  From genesis to publication, it all rests on the author’s shoulders.

What that means is that, while indie publication has certainly come a long way in accessibility and cost than it has in the past, it’s still a difficult, risky, and, at times, pricey proposition.  Hence, Kickstarter.

I would ask all of you that follow this blog to check it out.  If you have the ability to do so and like my work, please contribute what you can.  If you like my work but can’t afford to contribute, please spread the word to those who might.

Thank you!