book reviews

General News: Review Requests Still On Hiatus!

My humblest apologies, ladies and gents, but I still have a good sixty books backlogged in the reading pile.  I will be unable to accept any more books for my Starving Reviews until May at the earliest.

However, on May 1st, I will open up submissions at least for a couple of days to let people flood in the gates before shutting them again.  Keep tuned to see how long I will open the floodgates for!

Until then, good luck and good writing!

General News: Time With Family and Reading Books

Just a quick update before my Starving Review of the week: It has been a great few days here in Georgia with my mother, sister, and the brother-in-law and nephew I didn’t really know I had.  I am continually amazed by the things that I didn’t know or didn’t remember and, of course, am overwhelmed at times by the love that had been neglected because of stupid things on both sides.  What’s important is that is all under the bridge and in the past.

What this means for the blog is that I am being filled with fascinating new ideas and remembered concepts.  There’s going to be a wealth of new articles and opinions to come out in the weeks ahead.

Speaking of reviews, my latest Starving Review is going up next and I want to thank the many authors who have put themselves forward for honest, blunt review.  I’m booked through January and more come every day,  Keep ’em rolling!