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Book News: A Wild Cover Has Appeared! a.k.a. Cover Reveal for Rune Service!

It’s been too long, I know. Two months off my initial ETA but Rune Service is imminent. Ah, the travails of an indie author, eh?

To show how close things are, here is the cover (after the bump), crafted by the talented Kayla Suppapong of Suppapong Studios!


Book News: Time for Some Rune Service! a.k.a. New Urban Fantasy Novel Coming!

So I’ve been working on several new projects lately and one is coming to fruition, hopefully to be released by the end of December!

A new, light-hearted urban fantasy set in Saginaw, Michigan, Rune Service follow the misadventures of four-foot tall convenience store clerk Mary Stone and her luxurious beard as she finds out that life is even stranger that hers already was when a literal Elf stumbles into the Easy-E-Mart after midnight. Within an hour, Mary finds out that magic is real, dragons are real, and that she is a Dwarf instead of a short bearded lady. Oh, also that her new Elven friend is on the run from thugs, a wererabbit bounty hunter, and a reptile man businessman. It might have been safer if she’d just stayed in the store that night!

The manuscript is over the half-way point and I’ve already been meeting with the cover artist for this one, the talented Kayla Suppapong, and there be sketches! Enjoy!

Weekend Update: Sandwich Making a.k.a. Guerilla Marketing and You!

Just a quick update from Starving Author LLC headquarters, here in sunny (if cold) Pensacola:

  • I have a client and half (it makes sense to me!) book in the Starving Editor offices, but that leaves plenty more room for your fellow starving authors out there to engage my services!
  • There is a wealth of resources on the Internet for the making of wearable sandwich boards.  Gods bless the information superhighway!
  • Maybe this year I’ll be able to spring like a jaguar and actually GET A TABLE FOR PENSACON! … Seriously, I tried this year, but they sold out in, like, a month, well before I had the cash on hand.
  • If you’re an author in the same position (going to a con but unable to wrangle a table), you can still advance yourself.  Other authors and publishers are usually more than willing to talk shop.  If you make yourself identifiable in some way, you can still meet and engage with readers.  Or you can do what I do: all of the above, plus be a walking advert.  Your mileage may vary!
  • The Songstress Murders is still coming!  Editing is taking a bit of time to wrangle and the cover artist had a surgery to endure.  She’s okay and work is back on track, but it delayed the whole mess.  Still, I think it may be my best book yet, so it should be worth the wait.
  • You’re awesome!  If no one has told you that today, I’m your guy.

I think that about covers it.  Time to get back to the books I intend to review next Friday.  Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Sneak Peek: The Twelfth Labor Cover Art by Felipe de Barros


Six chapters to go but the cover art is ready to go!  Once again, my esteemed colleague and friend Felipe de Barros delivers with this stylized piece for the finale to Three Seconds to LegendThe Twelfth Labor.  He really pulled out the stops here, in my opinion, combining the mythic elements in the series with the wrestling theme and the overall drama of the climax of the plot.

The Twelfth Labor should be out by the end of April.

Sneak Peek: The cover art for Incorruptible

Incorruptible Cover

Here it is, delivered as always by the skilled hand of my good friend Felipe de Barros!  With the manuscript entering its second full revision, it is looking like we might really make a January or February release date.  Even though this is the end of this trilogy, I think this is far from the end of my writing stories in the world of The Push Chronicles but I think with a world that’s spawning a lot of interesting characters, it may be time to broaden out to a more anthology-based format.  We’ll see!

Until then, enjoy the art!

General News: Back to Work Tomorrow

Vacation is almost over.  I will be on the road and back at the homestead tomorrow.   With that comes a piping hot Starving Review and, in a couple of days, the opening for new submissions.

That’s not all though!  I have new cover art for the next book, some sneak peek chapters, and more musings.  Truly, we will be back in business.

Good luck and goid writing!

Sneak Peek: Indefatigable cover art (first sketch)


Here is the first sketch of the cover art for Indefatigable, the second book of The Push Chronicles, due out at the end of the month.  Once again, the ever-talented Felipe de Barros flexes his artistic muscle.  I was floored that this was a ‘first sketch’.

Seriously, if you need a cover artist, I can recommend no one more highly than Felipe.

Weekend Update: My sick dog and a new cover sneak peek

Time for the Weekend Update!

On the personal front, today has been pretty much a day of anxious gut-wrench.  My nine-year companion, Shelley the border collie, had breathing problems and wouldn’t eat.  I saw something nasty stuck in her throat so it was off to the vet.  There was a golf-ball size mass of tissue in the back to of Shelley’s mouth, so it was time to immediately operate.  After a few hours of going crazy, I got the good news that she came through with no problems.  The only lingering issue is the source of the mass:  Was it a piece of that chicken bone she ate and that cut her mouth a couple of weeks ago grown over?  Or was it cancer?  All we can really do now is watch and wait to see if there is any regrowth, but for now, crisis averted.

On the professional front:


Here’s the first cover sketch from my good friend Felipe de Barros for the second edition of The Opening Bell!  Pulling inspiration from the old regional wrestling posters in the U.S., it’s looking to be another fantastic piece of art.  Expect the finished cover and the release of the second edition sometime this week!