Dave Butler

Convention News: I Kept It A Secret For SO LONG! a.k.a. Pensacon 2017 alongside WordFire Press!

So I’ve been a naughty minx for quite sometime. I have had a secret tended in its little box for months now but now I have the go ahead to reveal it to the world at large.

You may (or may not) have been wondering why I haven’t mentioned any conventions this year. Part of that has been planning and finances but the real, big reason is that I have received the honor and privilege of an invitation to appear at Pensacon 2017 alongside the amazing authors of WordFire Press and have the chance to sell my works alongside theirs!

This is a huge moment for me. We’re talking rubbing elbows with the likes of Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Butler, Robin Hobb, and Mercedes Lackey! More than that, it’s being given a seat (if only for a few days) at a table with this caliber of author. It might even be the start of a brand new stretch of my writing career.

So I hope to see you there in February! Thank you for all your support and wish me luck!

Convention News: Pensacon Day 1: A New Con Hope

Day one of Pensacon 2016 is a wrap for me!  I talked to a lot of great people (big props to the always delightful S. Usher Evans, the ever tall Dave Butler, and all the great local authors that didn’t have their business cards so my poor memory doesn’t remember by name), had my picture taken a lot, and fought my newly (and poorly) designed straps.

Needless to say, the sandwich board is under repairs as we speak to get ready for day 2!  There are still plenty of prizes left to hand out and the SPECIAL prize is still to be grabbed!

Hope to see you tomorrow!