Oh my God! It’s a Blog!

When I was first shown the joys of writing, blogs didn’t exist.  The concept of self-publishing was a pipe dream only accessible to the very wealthy or connected.  The concept of being a struggling author who manages to get his work out to the public outside of the normal mechanism of publisher and agent was romantic, yes, but mostly a dream.


Now, it’s a different world.


I’m J. B. Garner, James to my friends, and finally am, well, living the ‘dream’ of being a self-published author.  Unfortunately, there aren’t exactly manuals to this.  Okay, I lie, there are.  In fact there are some rather nice ones.  Many of the ideas they put forth I followed to the letter.  Others, well …


That is why it has been weeks since I published before I actually have a real honest-to-God blog.  Previously, I had kept my musings to my deviantArt page ( in case you care) but I have since been properly shown the wisdom of sharing previews, musings, and general day-to-day me to the broader world.


Expect to see sneak peaks of writing from my ongoing series (The Push Chronicles and Three Seconds to Legend), events I attend (this will happen!), and anything else associated with my authorial life.