If you read my blog posts, you win!

Well, you win a coupon anyway!

I’m handing out some coupon codes for those that want to read my novels, but aren’t quite sure if they want to spend full price for them.  It’s okay.  I understand.  New novelist, new genres, untested waters:  we’ve all been there.  So, for my blog readers out there, here’s a chance to dip your feet in my waters for 50% off.

These codes are only good for the appropriate book and specifically from Smashwords.  There’s a link in my novel list page, but I’ll also include another link to my Author page at the bottom of this post.  These codes expire on June 8th, so redeem while you can!

If you want to purchase Indomitable, the code is: RQ82C

If you want to purchase The Opening Bell, the code is: ZH95V

Finally, the link to my Smashboard Profile, which has links to both books, is:

Thank you and enjoy!