Durable Impressions

Starving Double Review: Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical (Slowpocalypse Books 0.5 and 1) by James Litherland

Durable Impressions (Amazon, Goodreads) and Certain Hypothetical (Amazon, Goodreads) (Slowpocalypse Books 0.5 and 1) by James Litherland

It’s a two course meal on the table today, my foodies!  A double-shot of near-future dystopian eating, Durable Impressions is a small appetizer, setting us up for the main course of Certain Hypothetical.  As the first is so short and is meant specifically as the lead-in to the second, I’ll be giving my review as one complete meal, with one final rating to wrap up the whole dish.

Now before we get to that review, let’s recite the Starving Review oath:

  1. I attempt to rate every book from the perspective of a fan of the genre
  2. I attempt to make every review as spoiler-free as possible’


Starving Interview: James Litherland, Author of Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical

Good morning, folks!  We have a busy day in the kitchen today, so let’s kick things off with a sit-down together with the chef behind Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical, James Litherland!