Monday Musings: Inclusiveness, the Lifeblood of Creativity

Right, so the 2015 Hugos happened.  I was considering writing an article in greater specificity about what happened there, but there are far better sources of information out there than I.  Still the whole kerfluffle set my mind to musing which led to this article that wot is here now.

Variety is the spice of life, right?  It’s a hackneyed phrase, but it really is true.  If we continue in a rut or move through a continual unchanging cycle, life gets boring.  I don’t think that’s really something that can be debated, at least seriously.  The same thing connects into art and creativity.

Yes, you can create the same things continuously, using the same ideas you always have, but there are only so many configurations you can put those blocks into.  You might think this statement conflicts with some of my other articles about the core conflicts and the total number of plot lines out there and the like, but, as I also said in those articles, the way to innovate those core conflicts and plots is with new twists and new interpretations.  In other words, new ideas.  Variety.

How do we find this variety in thought and experience?  We include.  We welcome new points of view, new people, and new cultures.  This really heralds back to the terrors of the echo chamber.  Our creativity stagnates if all we listen to, all we read, all we experience comes from those with our same backgrounds and our same ideas.  To expand our creative bounds means stepping outside of our cultural bounds, to seek to understand the ‘other’.

So, if you don’t include others, don’t try to grasp the important of understanding, and never step outside of your comfort zone, expect your creativity to stifle and your writing to wilt.  We won’t even talk about the social and emotional complications.  The world is moving forward, slowly and lurchingly, to a state of equality and understanding.  I’d reserve yourself a ticket if you haven’t already.