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Book News: Thanksgiving Freebies! a.k.a. Get Them While You Can!

So I do have a little time this happy Thanksgiving to not only wish all of you who celebrate (and those who don’t) a joyful and loving day!  Also to tell you that you can get two of my books for free right now!


The Opening Bell FINAL COVER

Get The Opening Bell, my premiere book with California Times Publishing, for FREE on!

Indomitable 2nd edition (cover)

Also, you can get Indomitable, the first book of The Push Chronicles for FREE on Smashwords!

Grab them while you can, because you can never know when things change!


Want to be a beta reader? Here’s your chance!

Ever want to help a writer out as well as getting free copies of their books?

Here’s your chance!

If you have read some of my work and like it, you may have a shot at being a beta reader.  What that entails is that you get the rough draft of my ongoing novels during the writing process, in whatever format or amount you wish, and provide direct input and criticism as the writing process continues.  For your time and energy, you get not only early access to the completed novels, but free electronic copies of the finished edited products.

If you’re interested, drop me a line at my e-mail address:

Thank you

The sneak preview: Does it hurt or help?

A little exposition is in order.  I wrote and developed my first two novels chapter by chapter, posting them on my deviantArt page to gauge the opinion of the community there.  At the time, while serious as to writing professionally, I was unsure if I really had something people would like, so it seemed as good a way to any to look.  Despite being entirely original works with no basis in any particular fandom (a popular thing on dA), I acquired a fair number of regular readers and even some amount of community goodwill.  I obviously had something worthwhile, so I finished, edited (something I have learned that I need even more help with), and published.


So here are is the question:  Did having the rough manuscript, chapter by chapter, already out in the public hurt me?  How many people were content to simply copy and paste it into a book?  How much, if any, of my subsequent books should I post for free?


Instinct makes me think I should at least post the first couple of chapters as teaser material.  Whet the appetite of the public and all of that.  Even that, though, I remain unsure on.


If you’re a writer and you read this, hell even if you aren’t, what do you think?