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Monday Musings: You Give, You Get a.k.a. Totally Karma, Dude

A short one today, folks, as the weather hanging over the household has my sinuses in a strangle hold, but I still wanted to say a little bit about effort, karma, and rewards.

I guess to me it’s pretty simple and something backed up so far by my near-forty years on the planet.  Effort plus moral choices equals payoff.  Maybe not immediately and maybe not for sometime, but it does eventually come back to you.  Effort plus rat-bastardom almost always has swifter payouts but always comes out in the end.  Laziness, well, laziness just goes nowhere.

The biggest problem with karma for we mortal beings, hampered by aging and death, is the time for that karmic payoff.  Sometimes our proper reward doesn’t come until far after our ability to enjoy it due to age.  Sometimes it doesn’t come in our lifetime period.  Sometimes it may not come to pass in our children’s lifetimes.  That fact alone makes the hard choices that much harder.  Giving into that desire for the easier, quicker reward is a terribly seductive prospect.

I guess the way I try to stay on course is not to focus on the big, end-game reward, but to look for the small kindnesses among the way.  Even if you wind up the loser because of your morality, there is almost always some kindness, some positivity generated by your good actions despite the cost.  That’s what I look for and that’s what sustains me until karma provides.

Keep tuned later this week for your usual writing articles, book reviews, and author interviews!  Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Writing Is A Bad Habit: Dark vs. Evil: The Big Meh? a.k.a. Meaningful Conflict

Conflict is the soul of drama.

I’m certain you’ve heard the phrase before bandied around.  We’ve talked about it a plenty before and it is elementally true.  There is no dramatic tension without conflict.  However, to be one-hundred percent accurate, there should be a clarification to that phrase.  It takes more than raw conflict to make drama; it takes meaningful conflict.  No one cares about a story wherein the main conflict is what the protagonist wants to eat for lunch (unless that choice will having unexpected consequences!).  Pastrami vs. tuna salad is not the meaningful conflict of the ages.