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The World Of … The Opening Bell: Kayfabe, Backstage Politics, and the Martial Arts Drama


Kayfabe is a term used in the professional wrestling business to describe the keeping of appearances to create the illusion of hyper-reality of the sport/entertainment.  We all know that the actual matches in modern pro wrestling is choreographed – I hesitate to use the word ‘fake’, simply because of the athleticism and inherent danger involved; it would be like calling stuntwork ‘fake’. – but the efforts of kayfabe are to create that same suspension of disbelief an author uses to engage a reader.

Meanwhile, most of the actual events are determined by the writers and ‘bookers’, the men and women who decide on the match cards, the storylines, and so on.  They would be the reality behind the scenes, the wizard behind the curtain.  Though the wrestlers and other performers have input, sometimes significant, it usually comes down to the Powers That Be to make the final decisions.

How does that all come together in The Opening Bell?


Starving Review: Lifeforce Volume 1: The Lost Path by Govinda Rajah


Lifeforce: The Lost Path (Lifeforce Book 1) by Govinda Rajah (Amazon, Goodreads)

All literary cuisine represents a work of passion from their authors.  Often this passion leads to excellence in the wordsmithing kitchen or, at the least, allows the reader to overlook most minor oversights for love of the story, both their own and the love cooked into it by the authors themselves.  However, sometimes, despite that passion, a literary meal can arrive on the reader’s plate half-cooked and no amount of love can overcome a meal in such a condition.  You can never argue that Mr. Rajah is not passionate about his book and its subjects but does that passion lead to success?

Before we answer that question, let’s put our hands over our hearts and recite the Starving Review pledge:

  1. I attempt to rate every book from the perspective of a fan of the genre.
  2. I attempt to make every review as spoiler-free as possible.