What Day Is It Musings?: Jessica Jones Is Awesome!

Ugh.  My schedule is so disrupted that my Monday Musings are still not quite being so Monday-ish.  Still, we soldier on!

First a quick little bit of news.  Expect convention news to start popping up.  Things are finally being finalized for at least two con stops next year.  When I have the last details, I’ll let you know!

Second, Jessica Jones is a truly amazing television show, quite possibly even better than Daredevil was earlier this year.  It’s a compelling story about abuse, superheroics at the street level, and relationships.  Watch it now, if you have Netflix!  You won’t be disappointed!

Monday Musings: Some Comics Wut I Done Like! a.k.a. No, Really, Some Mainstream Comics I Like!

So, after sending my (hopefully) last revision of The Opening Bell off to my publisher, I read some comic books because, well, duh, I like comic books.  That made want to share the three currently published titles I keep up with.  Well, to be fair, as I am a Starving Author, these are three modern titles I keep up with through the trades (trade paperback collections, for the uninitiated) when they are on sale at the comic shop.