Writing Is A Bad Habit: A Place Where Everyone Is Equal (But Isn’t) a.k.a. Zootopia and Fantastic Racism

We writers often like to examine real life issues through the lens of fiction, as a way of entertaining and educating at the same time.  From religion to today’s topic, prejudice and persecution, there are few topics that can’t be examined through the lens of creative writing and other media.  To cut to the chase then, this past weekend I saw the movie Zootopia and was struck by how it approached societal issues in such a nuanced and ‘real-feeling’ fashion.  It’s something I think we writers can examine to help us approach examinations of prejudice and racism in our own works.  So, yeah, SPOILERS AHEAD!


Monday Musings: Good and Bad a.k.a. A Great Movie And Ill Tidings

This will be short and sweet today, for possible obvious reasons.

First up: Zootopia!  WHY DIDN’T I SEE THIS WHEN IT CAME OUT?!?  It’s a fantastic movie and yes, you will see more about it.  It’s the right kind of movie for a writer to look at on multiple fronts.  Just let me say that if you haven’t seen it, see it.  Like right now.  GOOOOOOO!

Second, that good cheer is diminished by the sad news that a dear friend of the family and one of my next door neighbors passed last night.  Pete was a very old man and lived many great years, but it doesn’t blunt the shock and the sadness of the moment.

Expect a few author interviews this week, a fresh review, and a fair bit of book news to come!

Writing Is A Bad Habit: Hardcore Perspectives! a.k.a. Hardcore Henry And The First Person Perspective


So I saw Hardcore Henry over the weekend.

First, the movie is incredible, well, if you like action movies.  This is, at its core, an action flick with all that entails, so if you’re not on-board for high-octane action, you won’t like it.  That being said, there’s some surprising depth of story and world-building done here and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.