new release

Book News: Time for Some Rune Service! a.k.a. New Urban Fantasy Novel Coming!

So I’ve been working on several new projects lately and one is coming to fruition, hopefully to be released by the end of December!

A new, light-hearted urban fantasy set in Saginaw, Michigan, Rune Service follow the misadventures of four-foot tall convenience store clerk Mary Stone and her luxurious beard as she finds out that life is even stranger that hers already was when a literal Elf stumbles into the Easy-E-Mart after midnight. Within an hour, Mary finds out that magic is real, dragons are real, and that she is a Dwarf instead of a short bearded lady. Oh, also that her new Elven friend is on the run from thugs, a wererabbit bounty hunter, and a reptile man businessman. It might have been safer if she’d just stayed in the store that night!

The manuscript is over the half-way point and I’ve already been meeting with the cover artist for this one, the talented Kayla Suppapong, and there be sketches! Enjoy!

Book News: SUPER SEKRIT PROJIKT REVEALED! a.ka. Clans of Shadow Series by J. A. Cipriano and J. B. Garner

So, you might have guessed that the Projikt had to do with both writing and author collaboration. Well, you would be totally right!

The full truth is that, since late May, I have been co-authoring a trilogy of urban fantasy books with a good friend of mine and fellow author, J. A. Cipriano! Called Clans of Shadow, the books follow the adventures of military vet, delivery truck driver, and movie enthusiast Frank Butcher as he finds himself violently thrust into the hidden world of magic in the shadows of our world.

The first book, Heart of Gold, comes out on the 28th of July! Check out the cover and blurb below! I’ll be adding this to my Upcoming Books page and links to purchase will go live with the book’s release. The second part of the series, Feet of Clay, should come out in late August. Check it out!


Book News: The Secret Project is officially begun!

For some time now, I’ve been collaborating closely with my cover artist and good friend, Felipe de Barros, on a SECRET PROJECT.  The time has come for that project to be unveiled!

Doppel, a postmodern adventure of altered perceptions, societal controls, and what it means to be human, takes us into the near-now, the year 2025, into the seemingly perfect life of Dr. Alex Turing. Living in the Blue States, a seeming Utopia, a fateful decision and a chance encounter throw back the veil and plunge Alex into the midst of the plots of MARK, the supercomputer that controls the entire Blue, an adventure that will change the course of the world.

This graphic novel tale is from Felipe’s conceptions and ideas and combines his fantastic art with my writing.  Check it out at Webtoons and please rate it based on what you see.  The Prologue is now live with Chapter 1 to follow soon!