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Book News: Happy Thanksgiving! Have A Book Sale!

First off, as the title suggests, I want to wish everyone out there a happy Thanksgiving, assuming you celebrate that holiday in your neck of the world. Even if you don’t, have a happy Thursday!

Second, because of said holiday, tomorrow’s Starving Review might be delayed a day or two, but it will be coming soon on the heels of Friday.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly in general, all of my solo titles will be going on SALE starting tomorrow! Black Friday, baby!


Indefatigable goes live on 9-25-14!

Indefatigable, the second novel of The Push Chronicles, is going on sale next week on 9-25!  You’ll be able to pre-order, if you wish, earlier … I’ll let you know when the pre-sales are officially open (probably Saturday or Sunday, depending on the speed of Smashwords/Amazon).

To get the second book out the door feels really good.  I feel like I have momentum on my side now!  At the beginning, certainly, there was a lot of doubt in me as to whether I would actually follow through with these big, ambitious plans, but the proof is in the pudding!

Thank you for everyone who has read and supported so far!