Starving Review Update: Submission Rules and Such!

A quickie update as I prepare for upcoming events, I have revised the submission rules for a Starving Review.

In essence, review submissions are open … kind of. I will be taking a VERY LIMITED amount of submissions, books that make in impact on me from authors that can impress their true passion and wit on me. So do your best and if I don’t get back to you, do not feel ignored or insulted.

Starving Review Update: Review Requests Open Tomorrow!

You saw rightly, my foodies!  If you fancy yourself a literary chef and want to add something to my pantry, you will have your chance tomorrow, the 1st of October, until midnight of the 3rd.  You will want to hurry, as this is your last chance to get a book in the review line for the rest of 2015 and possibly beyond, as the pantry bulges to dangerous sizes.

Until tomorrow, good reading, good writing, and good luck!