over one hundred!

Monday Musings: A Century of Reading! a.k.a. An Overloaded TBR List

Today’s Monday Musings are brief, but brief for a good reason.

You see, I finally put the list of literary dishes in my pantry into a numbered list.  Yeah, I know, I should have done that in the beginning, but … well, there is a truth I have discovered from doing this.  I have over ONE HUNDRED books in my review queue.

So I’m going to try to speed up my schedule, try to do at least two books a week, if not more.  Of course, there’s no guarantee of this, with my own writing, editing, and second job, but I will endeavor to consume as much literature as possible.

What this also means is that I really have no idea when I’ll be opening submissions again.  Maybe quarterly for a few days?  We’ll see, but I wouldn’t expect to see an opening for at least a couple of months.  Stay tuned, friends!