The World Of … : The Push Chronicles – Tearing It Down And Building It Back!

This week’s The World Of … takes a look at The Push Chronicles and how the book series tackles deconstructing and reconstructing the superhero genre.  Also, I get in some more (fortunately on-topic!) gripes about Batman v Superman!

Convention News: A Longbox Interview from Penascon! a.k.a. Well, Yeah, Another Interview!

Take a listen to both a great comic book podcast with an interview with yours truly!  Check it out through their website (http://comichistorians.webs.com/) or directly through this link: http://longbox.podbean.com/e/longbox-episode-12-heralds-of-galactus/


Weekend Update: Fun With Podcasts And A New Schedule! a.k.a. Uh, Just That?

A few bits of business to wrap up the week!

First, a shout-out to the team at http://comichistorians.webs.com/, great comic book guys who dig deeper into the medium, examining the histories and the social commentary that winds into the heart of the stories.  Listen to their podcast, Thinking Outside The Longbox; it’s great stuff!  Plus I have an interview with them coming up!

Second, you may have noticed that I didn’t get a Writing Is A Bad Habit out this week.  This was because I have spent a bit of time rethinking my format and how I can better incorporate my own works into my articles.  So, starting next week, Wednesdays will alternate between Writing Is A Bad Habit, a straight-forward writing article as always, and The World Of …, a new series combining writing techniques with my own writing, using the characters, settings, and themes of my books to highlight some do’s, don’t’s, and analysis of the writing art.

Hope to see you there!

General News: More Multimedia Expansion … Would There Be Interest?

So as I put together my schedule for the next couple of weeks, I’m left pondering something that comes up in my brain matter from time to time.  Should I add multimedia content of some kind to my reviewing and writing work?  I mean in the vein of podcasts or YouTube content, where you can get a more visceral feel for me, the reviews, the writing, all that sort of thing.

Much like my Patreon experiment, there’s no losses to be had, exactly, outside of an outlay of time.  I have a good-quality microphone and a passable webcam, so podcasts would be easy and YouTube content would be simple enough.  Still, I’d be interested in what you, my readers, might think about this.

Would you like to see multimedia content?  Vlogs, audio reviews, ramblings about writing, and who knows what else.  If you would like to see such things in the future, like this post and feel free to comment below.

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!