Writing Is A Bad Habit: All Reviews Are Good a.k.a. The Etiquette of Accepting Reviews

It isn’t easy for an author to push their work out for review.  For many of us, there is a certain introvertism at work that make self-promotion of any kind hard.  For others, there is a certain instinctual self-protectiveness at play.  We don’t want others to pick over the work that we’ve invested so much of ourselves into.

And yet, reviews are one of the best ways to garner input, opinion, and critical insights about our works.  Without the insights reviews grant us, it becomes that much harder to improve in the future, not to mention the promotional value of a wide amount of reviews.  People simply find it easier to buy in on something that others have done so as opposed to a fully untested item.

What about bad reviews though?  Those hurt you, don’t they?  What should you do about them?