Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Political Writings: Boycott Indiana!

I’ll keep this shorter and sweeter than most of my (sparse) political ramblings.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana and all of the close-minded, right-wing members of the Indiana legislative houses who made the Religious Freedom Restoration Act become law, you guys can go straight to Hell.  Oh, wait, I don’t need to say that, because your bigoted actions have already written you a one way ticket there.  Isn’t it great when my job gets done for me?

In an actual constructive aspect of this, let me say that, while not very impactful as I am one man, I will have nothing to do with any business that supports or enforces this law.  I would encourage everyone else, especially if they actually live in Indiana, to do the same.

The one positive take-away from the immediate aftermath of this horrible, despicable Act is that it is heartening to see such a full-spectrum backlash against it.  Hopefully, it will make the forces that enacted this law be wary not to try it anywhere else … though I understand similar legislation is being considered in a dozen other states.  Do your research, friends, see if this is being brought up in your state’s legislative bodies.  If it is, make your voice known.  Maybe the next one will be dead on arrival.

So, to sum up:

  1. Go to Hell, Mike Pence and friends.
  2. Boycott Indiana businesses and groups that support these small-minded wretches.
  3. Find out if they are trying this in your own neck of the woods.
  4. Spread the word and fight back.