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Monday Musings: A Century of Reading! a.k.a. An Overloaded TBR List

Today’s Monday Musings are brief, but brief for a good reason.

You see, I finally put the list of literary dishes in my pantry into a numbered list.  Yeah, I know, I should have done that in the beginning, but … well, there is a truth I have discovered from doing this.  I have over ONE HUNDRED books in my review queue.

So I’m going to try to speed up my schedule, try to do at least two books a week, if not more.  Of course, there’s no guarantee of this, with my own writing, editing, and second job, but I will endeavor to consume as much literature as possible.

What this also means is that I really have no idea when I’ll be opening submissions again.  Maybe quarterly for a few days?  We’ll see, but I wouldn’t expect to see an opening for at least a couple of months.  Stay tuned, friends!

General News: Starving Review Requests Closed Once More!

The title says it all.  Thanks to all of you that gave me new books for the pantry!

As I have gotten another tremendous burden of books backlogged, I am going to have to close down requests for two months to try to cut into that review queue.  So, the next open review request period will be on August 1st to August 3rd!

Your next Starving Review will go up tomorrow.  Until then, good luck, good reading, and good writing!

General News: Another Upcoming Request Hiatus!

When I started off my Starving Reviews, I really didn’t think that many people would give two flips about my opinion about what are good and bad books.  I mean, what do the thoughts of one more comically starved indie author really matter in the grand scheme?  Well, I have discovered it matters quite a bite to the continual flood of authors who want me to review their book.

This is all very flattering.  It is also very ‘GIANT CRUSHING BACKLOG OF BOOKS’ making!  I do two to three reviews a week, which for one man who is also writing one book and editing another, seems pretty darn impressive, really!  Even at that brisk rate, it would take me over four *months* of nothing but three reviews a week to catch up on my current backlog.  Less if I only manage 2 books a week.  You can probably figure the math and realize that I have quite a number of reviews to come!

For that reason, to try to clear out another chunk of this pile, I am going to have enforce regular breaks from accepting new requests.  At the moment, I am thinking having a break from requests every other month will most likely be manageable, so that is what I am going to try to do.

What this means is that from Monday, the 1st of February, until March the 1st, I will be accepting NO new Starving Review requests.  This period MAY extend, depending on what progress I can make on my backlog, but at most will only extend one additional month.  I’ll announce an extension or a reminder later in February.

Good luck and good writing!

General News: Starving Review Requests are now OPEN!

I’ve slept off my New Year’s margarita and need some fresh literary food to pad my stomach!  I am now back to accepting a full slate of requests for Starving Reviews!

If you want to refresh yourself on the guidelines, head on over to the Starving Review page *here*

Good luck and good writing!