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Weekend Update: Second editions done, incoming sequels, and OMG! Kickstarter deadline!

This week has been a good one, for the most part.

My dog is doing well now and I have gotten both the second editions of Indomitable and The Opening Bell published!  Both excellent things and only the first steps to a lot more nice things coming down the aisle.  Now it’s on towards publishing some sequels, which should come by the end of the month.

In addition, I’ve gotten some nice reviews this week so the support and validation make for a happy writer.

The last big knot of anxiety is my Kickstarter.  If it doesn’t succeed, well, it will be a blow to the self-esteem, but not the end of the world.  The books will publish and I will undoubtedly open a second Kickstarter with a lower goal, more in line with what I have proven I can raise.  Still, if you read this and want to support it, there’s only 68 some hours left to do so.  We are so close to the goal, it’s still not out of sight!

Hope your week and weekend are going as well!

The Opening Bell 2nd edition is done!

The Opening Bell (2nd edition)

You can get it now on Smashwords for FREE!  It will also be live on within a day or two and then spread out from there through the Smashwords Premium distribution to a vast array of e-book vendors.

With the second editions finished, art work is now being prepared for The Tale of the Tape  and Indefatigable.  Expect them to hit the virtual shelves at the end of September!

One Week to Go: OMG! The Kickstarter is almost over?!


Really, I can’t add much to this beyond the title.  My writing analysis brain node was driven off-line when I noticed there’s a week left on my Kickstarter and only $285 US left to fill on it.  If you think about it, that’s pretty possible to have happen and, to be bluntly honest, better than I thought I’d do.

Let’s face it: I am pretty horrible at self-promotion.  I have a bad tendency to do things out of order.  You know, arrange for book reviews and author interviews AFTER the Kickstarter has begun, instead of building interest THEN doing it.  Crap like that.

So, yes, pleased as punch to be doing this well.  Will it be enough?  Fingers are crossed here.

The downside for you, my faithful readers, is that there will be a plug for the Kickstarter every day until it’s done.  Sorry, no excuses.  However, there will be some other better posts in the midst of my anxiety attacks.  I hope to announce the second edition of The Opening Bell going live very soon.  More art previews to come from Felipe.  Also, I expect to be tackling more writing thoughts and analysis tomorrow.

Stay tuned, keep the home fires burning, and pray for the best!

Oh, yes!  Shameless plug to follow:

Wrapping things up: The Opening Bell 2nd edition

I’m happy to say that I’ve wrapped my end of editing duties for a while yesterday when I finished up the second edition editing of The Opening Bell.  That’s not to say there isn’t more work to do.  As any writer can tell you, you are your own worst editor.  I have several trusted associated reading over my current drafts to ferret out those lingering typos and illogical sentences.

The most important thing I personally can do now for the process is to let it actually work.  I’ve learned a lot from my first two jaunts down self-publication road, especially from my mistakes.  The biggest one of those mistakes was my impatience.  I didn’t wait for the editing process to finish on its own.  I pushed and pushed and hence need to have second editions.  Lessons learned.

If you’re a writer reading this, how do you approach the editing process?  How extensive a network of beta readers and editors do you think is necessary to ensure a quality product?  How do you even find your readers?

Oh, and do you want to be a beta reader?  There’s still three weeks left!  (This is only somewhat a joke.  If you really do want to beta read my work, I’m always open for it.)