Book News: The First Cycle Ends a.k.a. Final Editions of Indefatigable and Incorruptible Live!

The first cycle of The Push Chronicles is finally complete in a form fitting of the ideas that had bounced inside my head.  You can now purchase (or update) the newly revised and re-edited editions of Indefatigable and Incorruptible from Amazon and Smashwords, with print editions updating as we speak.  The first volume, Indomitable, is  still free from Smashwords as well.

Just read to the Released Books page for purchase links!

Book News: Some more reviews for The Push Chronicles

Here’s some more good stuff posted to Goodreads!

Two fresh reviews, one for Indomitable and one for Indefatigable, which you can read here and here.

I encourage you, if you have read the books and like them, it only helps to give them a rating and review.  Heck, if you read them and DIDN’T like them, I still encourage you to rate and review.  We writers can’t grow and improve without honest criticism.

Another wild review appears!

I love unsolicited reviews.  I mean, good or bad, they represent raw feelings from a reader.  Obviously, then, I was pleased to see another one pop up for The Opening Bell on Amazon.  Curious what this reader thought?  Check it out at this link.

Also, to my surprise, The Opening Bell is #15 in the Genre Fiction > Sports category and #16 in Action & Adventure > Women’s Adventure category.  That, well, was a pleasant and unusual surprise to see!

The Tale of the Tape is now live!

The Tale of the Tape

You can now purchase Book 2 of Three Seconds to Legend on Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99!

Here’s the blurb:

On the eve of their victory over the most powerful family in wrestling history, everything like it would be perfect to Leilana Ito and Dana Harding. Nothing is ever constant in the tumultuous world of pro wrestling however! That perfect ending was snatched away when Leilana disappeared, forced into another one of the Von Richter family’s sick games. Desperate to find her, Dana starts on a country-wide search, spurred on not only by friendship, but something stronger: love.

Not knowing the depths of feeling her friend has for her, Leilana finds herself facing the gauntlet of rigged matches, hidden spies, and psychological torture as a ‘guest’ of the Von Richters in Las Vegas. Forced to compete in their personal league in a city where anything goes and no one asks any questions, Leilana puts it all on the line in a ring with few rules and every chance of not walking away from.

The clock is ticking. Can Dana find the woman she loves before it’s too late? Can Leilana endure the trials thrown in her path alone long enough to be saved? Even if they find each other, will Dana find her love to be reciprocated or unrequited … and will that be enough to stand against the dark intent of the Von Richter clan?

The Tale of the Tape is the second book of Three Seconds to Legend. The pro wrestling action/adventure drama will conclude with The Twelfth Labor in 2015!

Indefatigable is now live!


It’s live!

The fun of time zones … as each distributor is in a different time zone, they each put the book live before it was midnight my time!  Oh well!

For the official blurb:

Three months ago, the Whiteout changed the very nature of reality across the globe, spawning in its wake superhuman beings, both good and evil. For every day since then, Irene Roman, armed only with a strange immunity from the powers of the ‘Pushed’, has donned the guise of Indomitable to try to reverse that change and protect the normal people from the worst excesses of the Pushed. She may never have wanted to be a hero, but she had no choice in the mater.

Unfortunately, Irene is still only mortal. Her never-ending duties have pushed her to a breaking point. Now, what began as a simple kidnapping investigation catalyzes overnight into the worst threat the city of Atlanta has had to face. An unholy plague, old enemies, and new challenges are coincide at once, landing squarely on Indomitable’s shoulders, despite the help of her small cadre of allies.

How much burden can any one person carry and how much strain can she take? Will Irene crumble or will she prove to be indefatigable?

Indefatigable is the second novel of The Push Chronicles. This tale of an altered Earth will conclude with Incorruptible, coming in 2015.

You can purchase Indefatigable as an e-book from Smashwords or Amazon KDP and as a physical print-to-order quality paperback from CreateSpace.

Indomitable 2nd edition is done!

You can get it now on Smashwords for FREE!  It will also be live on within a day or two and then spread out from there through the Smashwords Premium distribution to a vast array of e-book vendors.

Felipe de Barros is now at work on the cover to the second edition of The Opening Bell, so that should be published near week’s end.  Stay tuned!

If you read my blog posts, you win!

Well, you win a coupon anyway!

I’m handing out some coupon codes for those that want to read my novels, but aren’t quite sure if they want to spend full price for them.  It’s okay.  I understand.  New novelist, new genres, untested waters:  we’ve all been there.  So, for my blog readers out there, here’s a chance to dip your feet in my waters for 50% off.

These codes are only good for the appropriate book and specifically from Smashwords.  There’s a link in my novel list page, but I’ll also include another link to my Author page at the bottom of this post.  These codes expire on June 8th, so redeem while you can!

If you want to purchase Indomitable, the code is: RQ82C

If you want to purchase The Opening Bell, the code is: ZH95V

Finally, the link to my Smashboard Profile, which has links to both books, is:

Thank you and enjoy!

The sneak preview: Does it hurt or help?

A little exposition is in order.  I wrote and developed my first two novels chapter by chapter, posting them on my deviantArt page to gauge the opinion of the community there.  At the time, while serious as to writing professionally, I was unsure if I really had something people would like, so it seemed as good a way to any to look.  Despite being entirely original works with no basis in any particular fandom (a popular thing on dA), I acquired a fair number of regular readers and even some amount of community goodwill.  I obviously had something worthwhile, so I finished, edited (something I have learned that I need even more help with), and published.


So here are is the question:  Did having the rough manuscript, chapter by chapter, already out in the public hurt me?  How many people were content to simply copy and paste it into a book?  How much, if any, of my subsequent books should I post for free?


Instinct makes me think I should at least post the first couple of chapters as teaser material.  Whet the appetite of the public and all of that.  Even that, though, I remain unsure on.


If you’re a writer and you read this, hell even if you aren’t, what do you think?

Oh my God! It’s a Blog!

When I was first shown the joys of writing, blogs didn’t exist.  The concept of self-publishing was a pipe dream only accessible to the very wealthy or connected.  The concept of being a struggling author who manages to get his work out to the public outside of the normal mechanism of publisher and agent was romantic, yes, but mostly a dream.


Now, it’s a different world.


I’m J. B. Garner, James to my friends, and finally am, well, living the ‘dream’ of being a self-published author.  Unfortunately, there aren’t exactly manuals to this.  Okay, I lie, there are.  In fact there are some rather nice ones.  Many of the ideas they put forth I followed to the letter.  Others, well …


That is why it has been weeks since I published before I actually have a real honest-to-God blog.  Previously, I had kept my musings to my deviantArt page ( in case you care) but I have since been properly shown the wisdom of sharing previews, musings, and general day-to-day me to the broader world.


Expect to see sneak peaks of writing from my ongoing series (The Push Chronicles and Three Seconds to Legend), events I attend (this will happen!), and anything else associated with my authorial life.