Weekend Update: Second editions done, incoming sequels, and OMG! Kickstarter deadline!

This week has been a good one, for the most part.

My dog is doing well now and I have gotten both the second editions of Indomitable and The Opening Bell published!  Both excellent things and only the first steps to a lot more nice things coming down the aisle.  Now it’s on towards publishing some sequels, which should come by the end of the month.

In addition, I’ve gotten some nice reviews this week so the support and validation make for a happy writer.

The last big knot of anxiety is my Kickstarter.  If it doesn’t succeed, well, it will be a blow to the self-esteem, but not the end of the world.  The books will publish and I will undoubtedly open a second Kickstarter with a lower goal, more in line with what I have proven I can raise.  Still, if you read this and want to support it, there’s only 68 some hours left to do so.  We are so close to the goal, it’s still not out of sight!

Hope your week and weekend are going as well!

Weekend Update: My sick dog and a new cover sneak peek

Time for the Weekend Update!

On the personal front, today has been pretty much a day of anxious gut-wrench.  My nine-year companion, Shelley the border collie, had breathing problems and wouldn’t eat.  I saw something nasty stuck in her throat so it was off to the vet.  There was a golf-ball size mass of tissue in the back to of Shelley’s mouth, so it was time to immediately operate.  After a few hours of going crazy, I got the good news that she came through with no problems.  The only lingering issue is the source of the mass:  Was it a piece of that chicken bone she ate and that cut her mouth a couple of weeks ago grown over?  Or was it cancer?  All we can really do now is watch and wait to see if there is any regrowth, but for now, crisis averted.

On the professional front:


Here’s the first cover sketch from my good friend Felipe de Barros for the second edition of The Opening Bell!  Pulling inspiration from the old regional wrestling posters in the U.S., it’s looking to be another fantastic piece of art.  Expect the finished cover and the release of the second edition sometime this week!