General News:Yeah, It’s Been Slow a.k.a. Apologies and Delays!

There’s not too much to say here. If you’ve been following the blog, you know it’s been dead here. For good reasons, yes, but it just goes to show the problems with being an indie author at times. Even when busy with writing, no matter how busy, there still needs to be updates and a real presence here, just to keep the promotional momentum!

So let me at least add some vital updates:

  • I hope to get reviews worked back in soon, but that mainly hinges on the outcome of the next few days.
  • As to what has occupied so much of my time lately, I still can’t reveal too many details, but I can say that I’m under contract for co-writing a trilogy of urban fantasy books, all to be released (hopefully) this year.
  • Which basic math and time sense tells you why I am stupid, crazy busy.
  • Add to this some possible big changes in other releases (new and old) and things turn to INSANITY LEVELS!
  • At the least, expect more writing articles and podcasts to come in the weeks ahead!

For those of you still hanging in there, thank you for your continued support and expect things to move forward now. Stay tuned for more release information to come soon enough!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Starving Double Review: Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical (Slowpocalypse Books 0.5 and 1) by James Litherland

Durable Impressions (Amazon, Goodreads) and Certain Hypothetical (Amazon, Goodreads) (Slowpocalypse Books 0.5 and 1) by James Litherland

It’s a two course meal on the table today, my foodies!  A double-shot of near-future dystopian eating, Durable Impressions is a small appetizer, setting us up for the main course of Certain Hypothetical.  As the first is so short and is meant specifically as the lead-in to the second, I’ll be giving my review as one complete meal, with one final rating to wrap up the whole dish.

Now before we get to that review, let’s recite the Starving Review oath:

  1. I attempt to rate every book from the perspective of a fan of the genre
  2. I attempt to make every review as spoiler-free as possible’


Starving Interview: James Litherland, Author of Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical

Good morning, folks!  We have a busy day in the kitchen today, so let’s kick things off with a sit-down together with the chef behind Durable Impressions and Certain Hypothetical, James Litherland!