Book News: The Opening Bell is available on Amazon!

The Opening Bell FINAL COVER 2

We’re back, baby!  The wrestling action/adventure/drama of Three Seconds to Legend begins with The Opening Bell, now professionally edited, revised, cleaned-up, and turned into a lean, mean, fighting machine with the help of my publisher, California Times!

You can check it out on Amazon here, or flip over to the My Books page on the blog for links and the book summary!

Thank you to everyone who has read, critiqued, commented, and supported me these past years!  This wouldn’t have come to pass without you.

— J. B. Garner, your Starving Author

A Sneak Peek: The Tale of the Tape Chapter 3 Strip Search

And here it is, the final sneak peek, for now, of The Tale of the Tape, the second book in Three Seconds to Legend!  Stay tuned, there may be more previews and peeks behind the author’s curtain for both books further down the road.  Here’s the link: