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The Week Coming: Visiting Family, Getting Sick, and a Thank You!

Hey folks!

I wanted to take a moment to update on general site news and some upcoming personal things that will lead to a bit of a slowdown, at least for the coming week.

As I have mentioned in the past, I will be spending the next week out of town, visiting my mother and sister in Georgia.  I haven’t seen them in about twenty years and really only have been reunited with them in any sense for the past year.  This is, for obvious reasons, A Big Deal ™ for me and, for that reason, I can’t make any guarantees as to how much, if any, articles I get posted in the coming week.

Naturally, because I am getting ready for such a big thing in my life, I also have come down with some creeping crud or the other in the past few days.  Fevers, sinus issues, the usual crap.  Nothing serious, but of course this would happen when so many important things are going on in my life.  Maybe it’s karmic payment for the fact things are working out so well right now?  Who knows.

What I do know and what I want to be thankful for is the seeming success of my Starving Review articles.  I now have weekly reviews laid out through all of the coming month, with more undoubtedly on the way.  Expect to see a really fascinating spread of books reviewed in the coming weeks, of all sizes and genres.  At least I know I won’t be too hungry, eh?

Kickstarter News: It’s over and we won!

Though it was fully funded on day 1, so this isn’t a super huge shock.  It’s still pretty awesome to have pulled it off and it will ensure that the writing will go on and gain more traction!

Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, and spread the word about the Kickstarter!  Every bit helped!

Now, it’s time to plan!

Saturday Morning Update: Memorial and Review

Quick Saturday morning talking points:

– I slept horribly but for a good reason.  Back when my friends and I were active in MMORPGs, we started and ran an Internet radio station for a game called The Secret World.  Jon was the station manager, and we passed it down when we left the game.  When he died, the station and game community put together a tribute show, which aired last night.  I would guess 80 to 100 people were there in game with no idea how many total listeners.  Very emotional and it stayed with me the rest of the night.  So, because it’s just fair to shout it out, here’s a shot out to Radio Free Gaia (  Even if you aren’t a player in the game, they play great music in general and are worth a listen.

– I got my first review on any site today.   Check it out over on Goodreads:

I am actually really happy I didn’t get a cut and paste 5 star review.  It makes me feel like I am doing well, but I have more room to grow and improve as a writer!

– There is a bit more work to be done to recover from Jon’s passing.  Mainly the fact that there has been a severe lack of motivation to keep up certain normal day-to-day things, but this weekend is the ‘Get-Your-Act-Together’ weekend.  Expect fewer posts until Monday, when I should be caught up.

Thanks for reading!