the Muse

Why the posts have slowed (IT’S A GOOD REASON!)

Anyone who reads this blog and is a writer will immediately understand the validity of my infrequent updating in the past month, so without further ado: The Muse has struck and struck hard.

As we all know, even professional writing can come in fits and torrents. Sometimes, no matter what, the words just won’t arrange themselves on the page. Other times, the only limit to the speed of your writing are the frailties of the physical world. This past month has been the latter. I have engaged in a hermetic lifestyle where the only things I do outside of writing is basic world upkeep and some small time with my family each day. Everything else has been devoted to my craft.

What that ultimately means is that by week’s end, Indefatigable will be finished, at least in the first draft manuscript. The Tale of the Tape should be wrapped up next week or, at latest, the week after. Looking at my files, I only started serious work on these a month ago so, really, this leaves me a bit dizzy.

However, all this writing is worthless (outside of my own personal satisfaction) if I don’t maintain social media stuff like this blog. As I have said before, I grow more and more understanding of the need for professional promotional services.

I’m about to tuck into the next chapter on my plate. Wish me luck!

P.S. If anyone who reads this and has gone down this same indie author road has any insights on ways to manage self-promotion and advertising, I’d love to hear that insight.