The Twelfth Labor

General News: A Birthday Update

Just a real quick one here, as it is my 40th birthday and there are things that require my now-mature attention:

  • The Twelfth Labor is now available in paperback, either through Amazon or through CreateSpace.
  • As I got two Starving Reviews out early in the week, this Friday’s content will be a fresh Writing Is A Bad Habit, with reviews back next Friday.
  • My big solo-authored sale is still on for another day. Get all my solo-written e-books from Amazon for only $.99 USD a piece!

Now I’m going back to enjoying my birthday! See you all again on tomorrow!

Book Review: A Notch In The Belt for The Twelfth Labor

A bit of solid praise for the third book in Three Seconds to LegendThe Twelfth Labor!  While it’s currently out of print, it will be coming back, along with The Tale of The Tape, in the months to come!  Check it out:

While you wait for the rest of the series, you can pick up the California Times edition of The Opening Bell and start from the beginning of the series!

Book and General News: Candles burned at both ends and OMFG FAN ART

First, my deep and sincere apologies to those of you awaiting more Starving Reviews and other writing articles.  I’ve literally been burning my candle at both ends, writing books, editing books, reading books, writing articles, while still taking care of other personal and business responsibilities.  With the finish of my last book to write (The Twelfth Labor)and my last major revision left to do (Indomitable), I have suffered from a complete and overwhelming attack of exhaustion.  Maybe even a touch of exhaustion-based sickness.  I’m resting up so that, hopefully, things can return to normal levels of insanity around here by the end of the week.

Secondly, I was approached by a fan of Three Seconds to Legend for permission to do some fan art, to which I said, “HELL YES YOU CAN!”.  So you can check out one of the very first pieces of fan art I’ve seen for my books here at deviantArt.  This same artist also is doing work on a sci-fi mixed with pro wrestling comic book series, which I would be remiss to not shout out to, which you can see the blog for here.

Book News: Another The Opening Bell review

A quickie before bed!  I was pleased to see this unsolicited review (the best kind!) on Amazon today for The Opening Bell, the first book of Three Seconds to Legend!  You can check it out HERE.

The Twelfth Labor, the last book of the series, will be out early next week, as well as the long awaited revision (practically a third revision, with the entire first third of the book revamped and tons of editing) of Indomitable, my very first book and the first volume of The Push Chronicles.  More info to come!

Until then, good luck, good reading, and good writing!

General News: Late, late, so very late!

There’s nothing to be said for it, friends, I’m just very late.

Yes, there are obviously circumstances, reasonable ones, involving finishing editing and rewrite work not only for The Twelfth Labor (second revision done!) but the next edition of Indomitable (dear God, your first book is always be far your worst).  Still, circumstances do not excuse a lack of content.  You don’t read this blog to hear my latest excuse why I haven’t posted a writing article or review, right?

Well, expect a remedy for this in the next day or two.  A light is at the end of the tunnel.  Just pray it isn’t an oncoming train!

Until then, good luck, good reading, and good writing!

Sneak Peek: The Twelfth Labor Cover Art by Felipe de Barros


Six chapters to go but the cover art is ready to go!  Once again, my esteemed colleague and friend Felipe de Barros delivers with this stylized piece for the finale to Three Seconds to LegendThe Twelfth Labor.  He really pulled out the stops here, in my opinion, combining the mythic elements in the series with the wrestling theme and the overall drama of the climax of the plot.

The Twelfth Labor should be out by the end of April.

Sneak Peek: The Twelfth Labor Chapter 3

Because all proper sneak peeks come in threes, I present the current manuscript version of the third chapter of the third book in the Three Seconds to Legend book series.  I expect to have The Twelfth Labor ready for publication by the end of February.  Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for a few more little tidbits and reveals to come in the next couple of weeks!


Sneak Peek: The Twelfth Labor Chapter 2

Because all good Sneak Peeks come in three (I don’t know where I read that, it’s a law or some stuff!), we’ll continue our look at the upcoming finale to Three Seconds to Legend with a peek at the second chapter of The Twelfth Labor.  Drama, action, romance, and a little modern mythology all come together in the pro wrestling world.  Enjoy!