Three Seconds to Legend

Convention News: For Each Banner, A Stand!

The stands came in today, piled in front of my door after the funeral.

Very nice, easy to put together and they come with their own carrying cases!  Convenience in advertising?  Whoa!

I  also got a certain proof in the mail as well, but the news in regards to that is to remain on the down-low until early next week!

Weekend Update: A Lot To Come! a.k.a. Busy Week Ahead!

Just a quick Weekend Update here and a bit of Book News too!

Apparently all roads seem to converge on the week ahead.  A certain proof for The Songstress Murders will arrive around Wednesday, stands for the banners should be here then too, and a pile of stock for the conventions ahead as well!  Expect plenty of pictures to come.

Once the proof comes in and I approve it, I’ll be posting up a cover reveal, along with information about pre-ordering.  While my last experience with the pre-order process wasn’t fabulous, I’m going to give it another go this time now that I’m familiar with the experience.  Plus it’s the best way to guarantee my release date of May 27, 2016 works as I will be at Mobicon then.

Much fun, yes.  Also, I’ll be moving ahead with the next cycle of The Push Chronicles as well as the next Vela Redmane Mystery in the weeks ahead.  The next book of Three Seconds To Legend, while written, is at the mercy of my publisher for actual release.  One thing I will say for self-publishing … you are the master of your schedule!

So strap in and wait for plenty of news to come in the week ahead!

Convention News: Flying The Colors! a.k.a. Banners!

Mmm, sweet sweet promotional material!

So my first booth banners came in today!  Of course, the STANDS are still in the middle of shipping but you can still enjoy these impromptu pics framed by my sweet bed.  You’ll see these banners fly for the first time in public in May at Mobicon!

The World Of … The Opening Bell: Kayfabe, Backstage Politics, and the Martial Arts Drama


Kayfabe is a term used in the professional wrestling business to describe the keeping of appearances to create the illusion of hyper-reality of the sport/entertainment.  We all know that the actual matches in modern pro wrestling is choreographed – I hesitate to use the word ‘fake’, simply because of the athleticism and inherent danger involved; it would be like calling stuntwork ‘fake’. – but the efforts of kayfabe are to create that same suspension of disbelief an author uses to engage a reader.

Meanwhile, most of the actual events are determined by the writers and ‘bookers’, the men and women who decide on the match cards, the storylines, and so on.  They would be the reality behind the scenes, the wizard behind the curtain.  Though the wrestlers and other performers have input, sometimes significant, it usually comes down to the Powers That Be to make the final decisions.

How does that all come together in The Opening Bell?


Book News … AUDIObook News: Don’t Just Read The Opening Bell! Listen To It!


Reading books is grand, but listening to the action can be just as awesome!

So if you were curious about The Opening Bell but you didn’t have the time to read it, you can now listen to it!  Buy it now from the Audible store, and soon to be available from Amazon as well!

Book News: More Kind Words! a.k.a. Another Opening Bell Review

It gives me no greater pleasure than to hear that someone enjoys what I write.  That being said, I’m pleased as punch to pass along another happy review for The Opening Bell.  Enjoy!  Here’s the link:

Book News: What Happens When The Opening Bell Rings? a.k.a. Another Review, Baby!

I really can’t encapsulate this newest review of The Opening Bell, just up at the Venture Galleries, so I’ll just link to the review and let you read it for yourself!  It’s more than a review; it’s a great piece of writing on its own merits.


Book News: Review-A-Palooza! a.k.a. Yet Another Opening Bell Review!

Being a Starving Author is a life of deep lows (empty wallets, scraping together to get by, the stings of the deeply critical) and incredible highs (deeply insightful reviews, the sheer joy of creation, the glow of putting the last flourish on the page).  These past few days are turning into something of a major high, though, as more reviews come in on The Opening Bell.

Here’s a link to another fresh one, one that made me feel quite good with its praise of the work I put into the characters, something I was especially happy with at the end of the day: