Monday Musings: New Year, New Word, New Books!

Hey folks!  Let me take this quick moment to thank those who have supported my work, through Patreon, purchasing my books, or just regularly reading the blog.  I won’t even get started about those who have gone above and beyond to help with the actual writing, editing, and art aspects of it all.  To all of you, thank you, deeply and sincerely!

As for the year coming, there is a lot going on.  I’ll be making my first few official convention appearances.  I should have one new book out before March and at least two more released before year’s end, if not more.  I’ve got a ton of reviews coming.  All is pretty good in the world!

That being said, I apologize to authors who have been inundating me with review submissions.  As it says plainly on the submissions page, the gates are still closed, as I have at least 100 submissions to get through on my TBR list.  That’s at least a year’s worth of work there, so it is unlikely I will be able to take new ones for several more months.  Just be patient and wait for official word!  I don’t have the time to write each of you back with a message saying you should have read the review submission guidelines.

Anyway, it’s back to revisions for me!  Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

General News: Book Links Updates, All Revised Volumes Available!

Just a quick note to let you know that the My Books page has been updated with proper affiliate links *and* that all the revised editions of my books have gone through the process and should be available from all outlets. If you previously bought them, you can get the revised editions at your proper outlet, if it didn’t automatically update on your reading device.

Have a good weekend! Good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Kickstarter Update: Over Half Way!

The first thing Kickstarter and just about every source of information on crowdfunding tells you is to contact all of your friends and family first.  Not only will they be more receptive to passing news of what you are trying to their own friends, they are also the people most likely to be impressed by what you are trying to accomplish and contribute.  This being true, I’m not sure the crowdfunding gurus would expect something quite like this.

Overnight, I went from .1% funded to over 50% funded, all thanks to my family.  Sure, you do expect your family to support your actions and your dreams, but I never intended to ask them for money.  If I were going to do that, I would have just, you know, asked.  Apparently, seeing that I had a real plan to fulfill my dreams, they were impressed enough to chip in on their own volition.

Still, there’s a ways to go.  $490 to be exact.  If you want to chip in or just see what I’m trying to get accomplished, click the ‘My Kickstarter’ page tab at the top of the blog or click here.

Quick Weekend Update: Release schedules and perhaps a Kickstarter

Quick notes, as I’m trying to nurse a headache and spend time with the family.

First: I won’t be hitting my preferred end-of-August release for Indefatigable and The Tale of the Tape, but for a good reason.  My work with new cover artist Felipe Barros (check his portfolio out) is involved enough that the project to for all four new covers is going to run into September.   Sure, I would love to get the books out sooner but, at the same time, the quality will be so much better.  Good things are worth the effort, right?  I’m contemplating, though, updating the first books to their second edition content before the covers are ready, just as a service to those who have already bought the books.

Second: I’ve been working the past week on a Kickstarter, both for additional funds to finish out the two series and to fund advertising, convention fees, and an amount of physical publishing.  I still need to do a bit of work, mainly finishing financial stuff and doing a project video, but this could happen within the week.   You’ll hear about it here first when it happens.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support, and enjoy your weekend!

Yowzers! Time flies fast.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and get to work with each day ending as if you’d forgotten something?

Welcome to me this past week plus!

I’ve honestly been so busy taking care of normal life, dealing out a chapter or two of my next two novels, and doing revisions, that I frankly have totally forgotten that simple ‘every day make a blog post’ promise I made myself.  Bad me.  Very bad me.

I am starting to grasp now the attraction of media sites who handle an author’s promotional needs.  It’s so very easy to get it lost in the, well, writing!

Intermittent blogging HOOOO!

I’ve mainly just been hard at work on sequels as well as prepping for a second edition release of the first two books.

Wait, why would you do that, James?

Well, because no matter how dedicated your volunteer readers and you are, typos can still happen.  The human eye can easily transpose letters in ways that fool spell checkers.  Lots of reasons.  The point being that there are still very minor errors sprinkled through both books.

As any writer does, I want to deliver my stories in the highest quality format as possible, so more editing, more revision, and a re-release.  Fortunately, thanks to the power of ebooks, 99% of the people who have bought my books will pay nothing to get the new revision.  MAGIC BABY!