Weekend Update: To Georgia! a.k.a. A Week with Family

Hello, foodies!

Just to let you know, I’ll be spending most of the coming week in Georgia with my sister’s family and my mother.  Good old family bonding … which is really make-up, as I couldn’t go there for Christmas.

The usual blog updates will still happen though!  I can only promise one review this week, alas, as I will be spending time with the family.

Have a great week, folks, and we’ll be back into full production next week!

General News: On The Road Again! a.k.a. Out of Town Next Week

The title says it all … or at least conveys a significant portion of the message.

I will be out of town visiting family from 8-30-2015 to 9-4-2015.  While all of the usual articles will be published on-time, including a new Starving Interview and Review, I will be less urgent than usual in responding to e-mails and other sundries.  My apologies ahead of time if this impacts you!

Things will be back to normal the week after!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a Starving Review of Heart of Earth, alongside a Starving Interview with the author, Mark Laporta!

General News: Back to Work Tomorrow

Vacation is almost over.  I will be on the road and back at the homestead tomorrow.   With that comes a piping hot Starving Review and, in a couple of days, the opening for new submissions.

That’s not all though!  I have new cover art for the next book, some sneak peek chapters, and more musings.  Truly, we will be back in business.

Good luck and goid writing!