Book News: The Tale of the Tape Goes on Preorder!

The wrestling action/adventure drama of Three Seconds to Legend continues in the revised and expanded second book, The Tale of the Tape! Set for release on August 11th, right at the start of Kansas City Comic Con, you can preorder your digital copy starting today from Amazon.com!

Take a look at the e-book cover, the new paperback cover, and the book blurb after the bump!


Book News … AUDIObook News: Don’t Just Read The Opening Bell! Listen To It!


Reading books is grand, but listening to the action can be just as awesome!

So if you were curious about The Opening Bell but you didn’t have the time to read it, you can now listen to it!  Buy it now from the Audible store, and soon to be available from Amazon as well!

Monday Musings: After Action Report! a.k.a. A Pensacon Post-mortem

Pensacon 2016 has come and gone.  It was a fantastic time for me.  I got to meet many interesting people, catch quite a few informative panels, and get some super smart advice from my fellow authors.  So what are the takeaways from this past weekend?

  • Interviews are actually pretty damn fun!  I sat down with three different podcast teams and, as those interviews come out, I’ll tell you about them, but it was enjoyable and interesting.  Will Do Again!
  • All of the folks from WordFire Press are great.  Dave Butler and Peter Wacks, in particular, were very supportive, fun, and full of advice for a Starving Author like myself.
  • I got to meet some great, legendary wrestlers, as well as the local promotion, Epic Championship Wrestling.  Fantastic chance to meet some inspirations for my work!
  • All the local authors were just as great.  Expect the next weeks to be a local author’s fest of reviews and interviews.  I bought a stack of them and each author deserves a moment in the sun!
  • I walked way too much on way too hard concrete for 30 some hours these past few days.  My feet hate me!
  • While I gave out a lot of business cards and got a lot of attention, that doesn’t turn into immediate sales.  Naturally, I wasn’t actually selling books, as I hadn’t managed to get a full vendor’s table, so that makes sense.  The week will tell if the attention turns into increased readership.
  • I *must* get tables at upcoming conventions.  I think that’s the last real hurdle to go.  People are interested in what I have to offer.  They will buy it, as many asked if they could from me, despite my lack of table.  If I can get them to read, I can get them to keep reading!

Book News: More Kind Words! a.k.a. Another Opening Bell Review

It gives me no greater pleasure than to hear that someone enjoys what I write.  That being said, I’m pleased as punch to pass along another happy review for The Opening Bell.  Enjoy!  Here’s the link:


Monday Musings: Sleep Is Fundamental a.k.a. The Freakin’ Doi Episode

I haven’t felt better or thought clearer for weeks.  No joke, I’ve had major issues with cloudy brains (among other related health issues which there isn’t a need to delve into) for some time now.  Now, I knew the reason for this from the start, but I didn’t quite realize the extent to how much it affected me until I had alleviated the problem.

You see, I suffer from sleep issues, most specifically sleep apnea.  Like really bad “snores heard round the house and long hitches of no breathing” sleep apnea.  I use a breathing mask to make sleep, well, more sleepy, but the harness had worn down, making the pressure seal on the mask irregular, hence worthless.  It took me a bit of time to save up the scratch (plus shipping time!) to get a new harness.  I figured it wouldn’t be so bad, I was still falling asleep … or so I thought.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really sleeping or at least getting the sleep I needed.  It was more a dull malaise of unconsciousness that sleep.  So that haze stayed with me through every day.  Even then, I didn’t grasp the extent of that haze until I had the harness replaced.

I slept for *eighteen* hours straight once it came in, with one fifteen minute break in the middle to eat something and use the bathroom.  I arose feeling … well … feeling so much better than I had in weeks.

So, yeah, it may seem like a stupid thing to say, but do anything you can to ensure proper sleep.  This isn’t as easy as it may seem, as sleep problems can be surprisingly hard to figure out on your own.  You can feel asleep but not actually be getting the rest you need.  If you are concerned about it, talk to your friends, talk to your family, and talk to your doctor.  It’s important, because if you aren’t getting your sleep, you are kicking the legs out from under your health.

So with that bit of public service, it’s back to work!  There’s writing, reading, and reviewing to be done!

But one more thing: I want to redirect folks back to a certain post last week, talking about a possibility of multimedia projects and stuff.  Video and audio reviews and such.  Throw a like or comment if you want to see more and varied content!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Book News: The Opening Bell is available on Amazon!

The Opening Bell FINAL COVER 2

We’re back, baby!  The wrestling action/adventure/drama of Three Seconds to Legend begins with The Opening Bell, now professionally edited, revised, cleaned-up, and turned into a lean, mean, fighting machine with the help of my publisher, California Times!

You can check it out on Amazon here, or flip over to the My Books page on the blog for links and the book summary!

Thank you to everyone who has read, critiqued, commented, and supported me these past years!  This wouldn’t have come to pass without you.

— J. B. Garner, your Starving Author

Monday Musings: Wherein I Make A Plug a.k.a. A Fun Comic I Edit

For the past few months, I’ve been doing more than writing, reviewing, and fretting over publishing stuff.  I’ve also been taken on as an editor for a comic book series.  A small, independent one, but a comic book all the same.  Originally today I was going to do a review of the series so far, but then I realized that would be an ethical morass from which I couldn’t extract myself.  Le sigh!

However, what I can do, is point/direct you at said comic book series, both where you can buy it and where you can get news about it!  I’ve mentioned it before, but said comic book series is Galactic Wrestling All-Stars, which combines classic pro wrestling action with a 1950s science-fiction kitsch to make a uniquely nostalgic reading experience.  Add to that a format much like Golden and Silver Age comic books, complete with back-up features introducing characters and back-story and threads starting to weave some surprisingly deep characterization and …. DAMMIT!  I’m reviewing it, aren’t I?

Okay, before I shove my foot deeper into my mouth, let’s get the links done so you can check it out!

You can buy the issues of the series HERE, and you can keep up with releases and previews of new issues HERE!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!

Writing Is A Bad Habit: Wrestling Psychology and Writing

It isn’t hard to realize that I am a big fan of professional wrestling.  Heck, I have an entire book series dedicated to it.  While this may be a surprise to some, there is actually a strong connection between the in-ring theatrics of wrestling and the art of writing fiction.  There are lessons to be learned from one that can be applied to the other and that is something we are going to touch on today.

In pro wrestling, there is a concept called ‘wrestling psychology’ or ‘mat psychology’.  What it means is that the wrestlers are creating a believable, logical sequence of events during the match.  They are following a consistent strategy for their approach, reacting (‘selling’) to their opponent’s moves, and general convincing the audience to buy into the match, to believe that maybe this could be real.  It’s all about making the audience suspend their disbelief, to become invested into the wrestlers’ characters and the action going on.

Now, while we know that pro wrestling is scripted to an extent, it isn’t extensively choreographed like a fight scene from a movie.  Each wrestler has to invest their own athletic and acting talents into the match to make it work.  It is improvisational, cooperative story-telling told through grunts, groans, slams, and posturing.

That’s where the connection lies between writing and wrestling.  Understanding what makes for good ‘wrestling psychology’ can help a writer understand good ‘writing psychology’.  Every story, just like every match, has to follow a logical sequence of events.  The story must have characters that the readers can believe in, convince them that their conflicts are real and important, and then ‘sell’ the reactions of those characters.

Also, just like the improvisational ring work of wrestlers, writers often need to be able to think on their feet.  I have yet to meet or speak with a fellow author that hasn’t been forced to go ‘off script’ when they transfer their concepts from plan to actualization.  A good writer goes with the flow and then smooths over the bumps so that you, the reader, never know just how many curves and swerves the writer went through, much like the best pro wrestler.  A bad writer, well, you can tell.  Either the situation seems wrong (they didn’t go with their instincts) or you can tell when the writing suddenly shifts ninety degrees (they didn’t make sure the changes were done smoothly).

What do you, my faithful readers, think?  Do you see the connections or am I just slinging some manure?  Comment and discuss below!

Until next time, good luck, good reading, and good writing!

A Sneak Peek: The Tale of the Tape Chapter 3 Strip Search

And here it is, the final sneak peek, for now, of The Tale of the Tape, the second book in Three Seconds to Legend!  Stay tuned, there may be more previews and peeks behind the author’s curtain for both books further down the road.  Here’s the link: