Starving Interview: Vanessa Wester, author of Hybrid

Good day, friends!  I’m just back from another sit-down in the Starving Kitchens with another review alumni, Vanessa Wester, author of Hybrid and the Evolution Trilogy.  Let’s waste no time and see how Ms. Wester whips up her literary recipes!


Starving Interview: S. Paige Reiring, Author of Death Defiant

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!  It’s time to take a visit to the kitchen of another literary alumni of the Starving Reviewer process, the author of Death Defiant, S. Paige Reiring!  You might also recognize the name as I am a fan and common reblogger of her Tropes of the Week articles.  So, without further ado, let us begin!


Monday Musings: I’ll Rest When I’m Dead a.k.a. An Author’s Vacation

Did you know I’m supposed to be on vacation this week?  No, really!

Despite that technicality, you’ll get your usual content this week, with not a day skipped or an article missed.  On top of that, I’ll still be fulfilling other obligations to other creators, my publisher, and everything in between.  It doesn’t seem like much of a vacation, does it?

The truth is, when one is an author, be it a big published name or a Starving Author like myself, a vacation is not so much a time for rest and a complete pause of your writing adventures.  No, a vacation is simply a reshuffling, a slowing of activity, and a readjustment of time.  We allocate a smaller amount of time to the cavalcade of normal authorial duties and put that into our leisure.  I suppose all artists are like that, as well as anyone who is self-employed.  It’s not like we have employees or servants or fervent fanboy volunteers to do our bidding … at least not yet.

Maybe I should invest in some rabid fanpeople?  Do you think they are available at the dollar shop next to near-expiration chocolate bars?  Probably not, eh?

Are you an author or an artist?  Do you have any tactics for making the most of your fleeting ‘vacation’ time?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!